Big Creek Veterinary Hospital is equipped to deal with emergency situations. Emergency situations would include difficulties in breathing, uncontrolled bleeding, bloated or distended abdomen, loss of consciousness, seizures, poisoning, heat stroke, or injuries due to trauma. In such cases please do not delay in seeking medical attention. Act immediately and safely.

We know that your pet is a valued family member, and that you would want them to receive the very best medical care possible. Therefore, during our regular scheduled hours pets in need of emergency treatment will be given top priority. However, in the event that we are closed please call or go directly to one of the emergency hospitals listed below. These clinics are open evenings, weekends and holidays. Walk-ins are welcome.

Brant Norfolk Veterinary Clinic, 155 Lynden Rd. Brantford, ON – 519-720-0753Website

Burlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital, 775 Woodview Rd. Burlington, ON – 905-637-8111Website

Emergency Veterinary Clinic, 405 Maple Grove Rd. Cambridge, ON – 519-650-1617Website

Mississauga-Oakville Emergency Hospital, 2285 Bristol Circle Oakville, ON – 905-829-9444Website

London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital, 41 Adelaide St. North Suite 45 London, ON – 519-432-3300Website