Dental Health

Dental Health often goes unnoticed, studies have shown that 80% of pets over the age of 3 have dental disease. Dental disease can cause any of the following: gum disease, tooth loss, heart or kidney disease, stained teeth, and bad breath. There are 4 stages of dental disease: plaque accumulation, tartar build up, gum inflammation (known as Gingivitis) and gum separation (know as Periodontitis).

Things to watch for in your pet:
bad breath
yellow-brown crust on teeth
bleeding gums
change in chewing or eating habits
tooth loss
abnormal drooling
If these things occur, please visit your veterinarian as soon as possible for a dental examination.

Dental disease is preventable! There are 3 important steps:

Feed an appropriate dental diet
Brush your pets teeth regularly
Have regular dental check ups with your veterinarian

FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY ONLY, we will be offering a complimentary dental exam and complementary IV fluids during the dental procedure. For more information on our dental services, please contact us!


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Dental Health