The right information is your best resource when choosing a food for your pet. Grocery store and pet store employees may have limited information and rely only on the food labels and manufacturer’s claims when offering nutrition advice. Your veterinary health care team has the training, resources and knowledge of your pet’s health history to make the right nutritional recommendation for your pet’s age and lifestyle.

Things to consider when choosing a pet food:
Many generic brands sold in grocery stores and pet stores offer “All Lifestages” products that do not have enough key nutrients like protein, calcium or sodium to meet the health requirements of different ages from puppy/kitten to mature adult.
Pet foods carried exclusively by a veterinary clinic and recommended by any veterinary health care team member are carefully reasearched to ensure the product is of the highest quality and will best suit the needs of your pet based on their age, lifestyle or disease condition.

Here at Big Creek Veterinary Hospital we carry some of the most common brands that are recommended by veterinarians.

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